Rap Revived?

Kendrick Lamar releases a blitzkrieg on all rappers earlier week with his verse on Big Seans-Control. His lyrics aimed at some of hip hops most prominent artists today including Drake, J. Cole and even Big Sean and Jay Electronica, who were on the same song! Many are calling this the revival of old school hip hop which begs the question; does hip hop need to have a confrontation in order for it to be considered real hip hop?

As a culture I feel that African Americans have this constant need to not only be better than their counterparts but also demolish them. It’s an idea that only one can be successful so if your doing well I have to be starving. I think this verse came out of pure competition and wanted to be considered the best among the best but I couldn’t help but think it was a way of dragging others down to help yourself up. Let me know if you feel the same way.

P.S. I can’t help but hope that Childish Gambino has a rebuttal to this for not being mentioned.

Just a thought.


12 Rapper Adlibs you can use Everyday

I swear rappers have it all. Not only do they get to say whatever they want in songs, (i.e. things they don’t like, and then on the next song talk about everything they do) but they also get to complain about living the lavish life and having to meet new beautiful women that adore them every single day, it must be hard. On top of that they get the privilege of making up noises and phrases that everyone loves, something that was previously reserved for strictly Pokemon and babies. Here are 12 Rapper adlibs you can use in everyday life because it’s not fair that you have to only pretend you’re a rapper in the hallways of work when no one is looking, or when you’re out with your friends and no black people are looking, but we’re always listening so watch it.

1. Drake’s AHHH! For when you get a really bad paper cut.

Drake Final Finger Cut 2

2. Young Jeezy’s YEAAAAH! For when your grandparents send you birthday money.

Jeezy Paid

3. Young Jeezy’s AHA! For when your friend’s say they invited some people over for your birthday.


4. Young Jeezy’s DAMMMNNNN! When you realize it’s not your birthday.


5. 2 Chainz TRUUUU! When you need to confirm that to your knowledge your friend does not have a STD.

no lie

6. The Weeknd’s OOOOOOOOOOO! On those weekends you and Drake serenade owls in the forest.


7. Chris Brown’s Leh Gooo! On Halloween when your brother has played with the glitter mask for his ten minutes, and now its your turn.

leh go

8. Jay-Z’s AWH! For when you’re trying to get a pigeon out of your way when walking to work.


9. Trinidad James WOO! For when you pop a molly when its 90 degrees and decide to take a walk in Leopard print shirt and after taking it off you realize heat stroke is still imminent.


10. Wiz Khalifa’s Laugh. For when you get home and you finally get the joke you friend told you 3 hours.

wiz laugh

11. Pusha T’s YUCKK! For when your peas are touching your mash potatoes, and we all know that’s never okay.


12. Waka Flocka’s WAKA! For those nights you say you aren’t going out but after drinking you find yourself playing extreme piano with Fozzie Bear, again.


Yeezus Christ…


Sad thing about this is, I can’t even say I am surprised. This seems right up Kanye’s lane of customized kilt wearing crazy. This being Kanye’s most recent addition to controversial fodder is allegedly an alternative album cover according to Hip Hop Vibe. As if the title Yeezus wasn’t enough to make you want to go to church for just thinking about buying the album, this alternative cover is sure to incite more talks of the infamous Illuminati, horned animals ruling the world, and Jay-Z being a time traveler.

So before all the talk starts lets all be reminded that rappers like any other artists need to sell their records and they do that by marketing their product, in any way. Kanye is known for being controversial and always does something to catch the public’s eye right before the release of a project, whether it be Air Yeezy’s or a movie with the snippets of his entire album. This is bound to stir up arguments in the blogosphere for the bible thumpers and Yeezy and non-Yeezy fans a like, I am almost surprised he didn’t liken himself to Jesus earlier. Oh wait.


He did.

So this really shouldn’t even be a point of controversy anymore! Kanye thinks he’s God, Amanda Bynes thinks she’s Blac Chyna, Ben Affleck thought he could play Daredevil, everyone has their own type of crazy to deal with. This in addition to Kanye’s uncompromising ego, it really is very normal, in terms of Kanye at least.