Superman vs. Ben Affleck…

Superman vs. Ben Affleck…

Ben Affleck has been chosen to play Bruce Wayne in the Superman vs. Batman movie directed by Zack Snyder that comes out in Summer 2015 according to The Guardian. Some of you may remember Zack Snyder for bringing one of the most acclaimed graphic novels of all time to the silver screen, The Watchmen, but you most likely remember him from this summer’s Man of Steel starring Henry Cavil who will reprise his role as Clark Kent in Superman vs Batman. A huge step up from Bryan Singer’s 2006 movie Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh.

So please forgive my confusion when concerning this most recent selection from Snyder. We all saw Argo, bravo, but we also saw Daredevil and we will never forget. That movie still haunts my mind like the image of me walking in on my parents when I was five and seeing them play what they would later tell me was “The Pogo Game”. I thought Ben was going down a new path following this directing niche, it seemed like a good fit, but no. This man dares to dawn the cape and cowl possibly because messing up one comic book universe simply wasn’t enough. I just don’t understand how you go from Orlando Bloom and Joseph Gordon Levitt to Gigli. And I swear if I find out that Christopher Nolan had anything to do with this decision I will lose all respect I gained for him after watching Batman Begins and maybe a little from Memento as well. The question still remains though who will be a worse Batman Affleck or George Clooney.

P.S. If I see Jennifer Garner on these credits I will start a Kickstarter fund to help me personally stop production of this movie.


Storm Chasing a.k.a. The Death Race

I read an article on CNN today about the dangers of storm chasing, Storm Chasing: Science: thrill-seeking or tourism? which I thought at this time in human civilization would automatically be deemed unnecessary.

The article goes on to explain the (I guess growing?) trend of amateur storm chasers. The author Catherine E Sholchet also raises some valid points about whether this is the best way to track and find other information out about storms, as if storm chasers themselves didn’t know that chasing a storm could possibly lead to death. It’s a storm. They are known to kill people. That’s why there are alarms and sirens that warn people of the imminent storm. Which is why the three men were killed in last weeks tornado in Oklahoma, to find out more information to prevent further people from dying from storms, they knew what they were up against.

Martin Lisius, the primary source in the story, who has been chasing storms since 1987 says that because of 1996 movie Twister Image, which starred -the only relevant in the 90’s- Helen Hunt and Bil Paxton, a new generation of storm chasers has emerged without realizing the risk. And this is where I got confused. Who doesn’t know the risk of chasing a storm?

What I’m trying to say is that I highly doubt that Hollywood glamorized storm chasing with a movie starring BILL PAXTON AND HELEN HUNT! It’s not possible. All Bil Paxton makes me want to do is the opposite of whatever he is any any movie. Because of him I no longer have dreams fo being a storm chaser or astronaut. And the only realization Helen Hunt has helped me with is that if she is the best I can get if I look like Mel Gibson and can actually read the thoughts of women, let me find the closest F5 tornado to chase quickly. Shame on this Martin Lisius for trying to pin “storm chasing” on a mediocre movie that had add most two B-List celebs. Its not going to cut it Lisius. I doubt anyone took a piece of the movie as the-truth-about-tornadoes after the scene where Paxton and Hunt actually outrun a tornado, something I thought was only reserved for the Flash, Superman and Chuck Norris. 

The story gets better when Mr. Lisius tells us he actually offers storm chasing tours and says. “It’s like a cruise, you know.” Wait weren’t you just talking about a group of amateur storm chasers not realizing the risk and danger involved in storm chasing? Do you think that maybe offering casual storm chasing tours isn’t the best idea to sway people from chasing their own tornadoes? 

The point is, storm chasers know what they are getting into, just like people who join the army know the risk of death while out in combat. They choose to do this so let them, and for people that are interested in storms but not that interested enough to run into a wide open field and film an oncoming tornado (i.e. most people) maybe we could look into petitioning the government to send drones to take pictures tornadoes instead of bomb strikes at Libya. Or bomb strikes at tornadoes and pictures of Libya, whichever gets us off this topic quicker.